Group / Corporate / Private

Public Welcome    1300 Square Foot Club House    Air Conditioned    Nice Shade Trees

Up to 50 Quests May Shoot Simultaneously    Public Address System 

Indoor Outdoor Seating    Night Shooting Under the Lights    Plenty of Parking

Black top Highway    Lots of Shade    Lots of Sidewalk

Group Corporate Private is charged by the target and/or by the meal.

No Grounds Fees.

Guns, Targets, Shells, Shooting Instructions, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection and safety instructions are all available at the club.

For More Information
641-648-3056 Fax
Many groups have enjoyed the clay target activity over other out door events.  The clay target
is not only fun to do but it is fun to watch.  Those who participate, sometimes are the entertainment
for those who don't.  Shooting is a sport with almost no physical activity so anyone, young , old, male or female can do and does enjoy.  The group stays together and doesn't get spread out over large acreages, like a golf course for  example.  Try trapshooting for a change!